Those pesky leprechauns were busy even on a snow day! They managed to get around the leprechaun traps the students set out. The leprechauns left a mess, but at least they left a little gold and some sweet treats!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Two students dressed in green
Two students with gold balloons
A student is searching the floor for gold
Green confetti and colorful "leprechaun traps"
The leprechaun left chairs in a circle with stuffed animals sitting on them
Leprechaun's note to students
A candy bar inside a little pot
A note from the leprechaun
Accent! performed for various groups of students today to prepare for a competition this Wednesday, March 22. While Ironwood is a small school, Accent! performs in the Class A division to compete to go to State Festival in Stevens Point. They will sing Billy Joel's "And So it Goes", and the song "Opening Up", from the musical "Waitress". The performance on Wednesday is in Bessemer at 1:18. This event is open to the public.
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
The group Accent! performs Billy Joel's "And So it Goes".
A student's view
Three singers performing "Opening Up".
Congratulations to our January Students of the Month! Aiden Bach, James Balchik, and Lexi Aspinwall (picture one) and Rex Thomas (picture two). These students showed excellent RISE expectations and were awarded certificates at the board meeting in January. Nice work!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Three students holding certificates for Students of the Month
One student holds a Student of the Month certificate
It is time to start thinking about Kindergarten registration for the 2023-24 school year! Call the Main Office at 906-932-0932 x120 to schedule your appointment. ☎️
6 months ago, Chantel Spear
LLW Kindergarten Registration Flyer
There will be no school in Ironwood tomorrow, Friday, March 17, 2023, due to inclement weather. All evening classes and activities are cancelled. Stay warm, stay safe, and we'll see you all back here on Monday!
6 months ago, Travis Powell
Snow Day
Snowfall screenshot
The secret is out! Mrs. Kariainen's students have been wrapping each other in packaging tape to create interesting sculptures around the school. Some students created interesting poses, and a few used props!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Two students wrap another student's legs with packaging tape
Showing off the lower portion of the tape person
One person tapes another person's leg
One student lays on the floor to create a specific structure for the tape
A student tries to wrap her own leg with tape
A plastic tape sculpture with a Burger King crown
A plastic tape sculpture of a person holding a Starbucks cup
Parents and Guardians of 10th graders - please check out this information on Early College. There are two Zoom informational meetings available to learn more. The 1st meeting is April 11 at 4pm Central, and the 2nd meeting is April 13 at 5pm Central. Early College programs provide students the opportunity to earn an associate's degree, technical certification, or 60 or more transferable credits at little to no cost. Join one of the meetings to learn more!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Early College informational poster
Early College information
Questions answered about Early College
Ms. Mackey's and Mrs. Tarnaski's class won the February R.I.S.E. challenge for Kindergarten! They celebrated by wearing pajamas and having an ice cream party together!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Two classes of students sitting at desks, eating ice cream
A huge congratulations to Mr. Kirk McBrayer and the bands at Ironwood. The middle school and high school concert bands both earned a Division 1 rating at band festival in Bessemer yesterday. Excellent work, students!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
The middle school band sits on the stage ready to play
The high school band sits on the stage ready to play
On Wednesday Mrs. Tarnaski’s class planned, designed and then built traps in hopes of catching a wee little Leprechaun.
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
One boy holds a colorful stick while another boy smiles
Two students working with pipe cleaners and colored paper
One student hands glue to another student
One student works with letters, while another student puts a hole in the box
Two students put finishing touches on their Leprechaun trap
One girl fixes the green decorations while the other look towards the camera
One student holds a rainbow creation while the other looks away
One student puts glue in a cup while the other works on the box
Three students look up from their project
Two students are hard at work on the top of the Leprechaun box For more information, please visit If you have any questions that are not answered by the Frequently Asked Questions on the website, please contact Mr. Powell at for more information.
6 months ago, Travis Powell
Bond Campaign Logo
Thank you to both the CTE Food Systems and Natural Resource Class and Ms. Wardynski for planting sunflowers, radishes, tomatoes, and basil with Mrs. Boyd’s 2nd grade class. Recently, the 2nd grade students learned about soil and the lifecycle of plants. An example of a lesson coming to life!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Teacher points at student
Students look at the camera next to their planted seeds
Girl holds up a packet of sunflower seeds
Student gets planter filled with dirt
Teacher giving instruction to students about plants
More fun from Pi Day! Mrs. Fechter's students competed to see who could roll ten dice to match the first ten numbers of Pi. Students competed in brackets to determine a winner for each class. Kim Pferrer, Camilla DeGrave, Landon Buerger, Robert Roberts, Jazlynn Oja, and Gabriella Duva were the winners of each hour. How many numbers of Pi can you name?
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Student rolls dice
Student rolls dice
Students watch as two others compete in dice rolling
Students watch as the dice rolling gets intense
Two students rolling dice
The Pi competition continued into 7th hour, where Pi finals took place. Maddie Braucher took 1st place with a whopping 243 numbers of Pi memorized! Jacinta Lauzon came in 2nd with 219 numbers, and Breanna Freeman came in 3rd with 144 numbers. Congratulations for working so hard!
6 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Pi Competitors
Mr. K and Maddie stand holding the winning prizes for the competition
Jacinta Lauzon and Maddie Braucher
Breanna Freeman
Two of our seniors competing for Pi! Emily Martinson and Haley Agee pose with the numbers of Pi.
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Emily and Haley pose for Pi
IMPORTANT! We WILL have school on Monday, March 20, which replaced January 2nd. If you have questions, please contact the main office at 932-0932.
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Reminder of school on Monday, March 20
We have some intense competitions going on here at Ironwood! In Mr. Lyons' class, students in the 7th grade competed for the most memorized numbers of Pi. Aila Ruotsala won in 1st hour, and Caydin Kangas won both in her 2nd hour class and overall for 7th grade. Riley DeTray won a contest for drawing the most perfect circle on a tablet (it's harder than it looks!) We will have more updates as the day goes along!
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Aila Ruotsala holds a picture of Pi and an apple pie
Caydin Kangas holds a picture of Pi and an apple pie
Riley DeTray holds a picture of a well drawn circle and an apple pie
A student sits and says the numbers of Pi
The sixth graders read the book Woodsong, by Gary Paulsen. The book is about Gary's experiences while training sled dogs, and his race in the Iditarod. Students created a scene illustration of the book to demonstrate understanding. Nice work, students!
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Student illustrations
Student illustrations
Student illustrations
Up close student illustration
1:00 Dismissal on Monday, March 13, 2023 To support the success of our Varsity Boys Basketball Team, classes will be dismissed at 1:00 on Monday, March 13, 2023, to allow students, families and staff time to travel to Houghton. The game starts at 5:00 Central Time and tickets are available on the Go Fan network. Good luck Red Devils!
7 months ago, Travis Powell
Early Dismissal
Pep Rally Fun! Ironwood's School Resource Officer, Collin Clausen, participated in a 3 point challenge against our 7-12 counselor, Paul Zysk. Officer Clausen won the challenge 8 to 6 in overtime!
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Officer Clausen takes a shot at the hoop
Students watch at the pep rally
Mr. Zysk takes a shot at the basket
Final score, Officer Clausen 8, Mr. Zysk, 6