Parents, some of you will see a flyer for Jingle Grams coming home today. This is a fundraiser for the Class of 2027 (not 2028 like the flyer says). Jingle away!
about 9 hours ago, Sheri Schmidt
A poster for Jingle Grams
The Accent choir walked through the halls of Ironwood, singing Carol of the Bells. Come hear them Saturday night at 7pm at the Historic Ironwood Theater!
about 9 hours ago, Sheri Schmidt
Students walking through a hallway
The 6th grade decided to have a chess tournament with their free time today. These chess boards were donated to the 6th grade classes by the Red Devil Education Foundation. The kids are so excited to find out who plays chess the best in 6th grade!
2 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Students play on chess boards on long tables
A chart of the best chess players in the 6th grade
Red Devils in the News!
2 days ago, Travis Powell
Poetry Out Loud
Come to the Historic Ironwood Theater on Saturday, December 9 at 7pm for the annual holiday concert by Accent! The concert starts at 7pm. Tickets are $10 for ages 13 and up, and $5 for 12 and under. The final number includes the Range Band. It will be a night to remember!
3 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Accent Christmas Concert, December 9, 7pm
Congratulations to the 4th grade for winning the attendance competition here at Ironwood! 1st grade came in second place, and 5th grade came in third. We appreciate your efforts in getting your kids to school when they are healthy!
4 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
The Ironwood 7th and 8th grade students headed to Bessemer to learn about the Waupaca Foundry. They were able to make a keychain with their year of graduation. These students represented Ironwood very well!
5 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
A student shows off her keychain and paper
Two young women work on a foundry project, leaning over a table
A student leans over a table to do a foundry project
A student leans over a table to do a foundry project
A student leans over a table to do a foundry project
A mold for keychains
A student shows off her keychain and paper
Several Ironwood students participated in the "Poetry Out Loud" competition, hosted by our GOISD. Sarah Lauzon won first place. She will move on to the next level. Aidan Bach was the runner up. In addition, Kali Traczyk, Reino Ranta, and Jaiden Demaray also participated. Congratulations to all!
5 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
5 students and 1 teacher stand in front of a white board
Two young women stand in front of a white board
Two women stand in front of a microphone
One student smiles as two teachers look on
Students show peace signs to the camera
Two students with funny faces
One student sticks her tongue out at the camera while the other one smiles
Congratulations to Kirk McBrayer and the Ironwood Bands for excellent performances Sunday at the HIT Theater!
5 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Band students in front of a curtain on a stage
Band students in front of a curtain on a stage
Thank you to Brian and Mary Stella, who donated to the band!
7 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Thank you post
All of the 6th grade students had a design and build challenge for this chapter in science class. The premise was that they needed to help a rescue crew find a way to charge a device using only the body's motion. Their challenge was to design and build a device that would capture kinetic energy from the body, and convert the energy to electricity with a generator. The device needed to be easy to use and original. The students went through a process of brainstorming ideas on their own, presenting their ideas to a small group. Then as a small group come to a consensus of the best idea between them, design, and build a model of the device! These were some of the best ideas and models: A glove you can wear that converts the motion of opening and closing your hand to turn a generator. There were two groups that came up with the same idea independently. A mask that has a pair of impellers that spin when you inhale or exhale. This spins a generator. An elbow brace that spins a generator when you curl or extend your arm. A water bottle that has a generator that works whenever the bottle is lifted to drink, as well as by jostling around while carrying it.
8 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
A student wears a plastic glove with strings running down the fingers
A student wears a paper breathing apparatus
A student's arm is covered with paper. A small cylinder is inside the elbow.
A workman's glove with tape and string running down the fingers
A paper cylinder
The 4th grade students worked with Ashley Dennis on the monthly 4-H STEM activity. Today she had them working in groups to make fake snow. They had a blast working together and watching their shaving cream transform into snow!
8 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
A student stirs shaving cream in a red bowl while other students look on
Students work in groups in a large room
Students work with large red bowls at tables
Students working in a large room
Students work around a table
In Mrs. Jacisin's class, anatomy and physiology students built models of epithelium tissues while discovering how the structures, or features, affect function. A creative way to learn!
8 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Playdough creations showing epithelium tissues
Playdough creations showing epithelium tissues
Students in Mr. Hofstede's class enjoyed a learning experience while walking around the school. These Walking Classrooms use kinesthetic and auditory portions of the brain to teach students as they walk. While moving, students listen to a podcast that gives them lessons about a variety of subjects. During the warmer months, they can enjoy walks along the Iron Belle Trail, but it was too cold out this week! If you have a 6th grade student, ask them what they learned while walking.
8 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Students walk along a hallway wearing a listening device
Congratulations to the October Students of the Month who were awarded a certificate at the board meeting this past week. Makenna Brownell, Maverick Pisco, Makenna LaBeske, and Gage Mullikin all received this award for showing excellent RISE expectations at school. Way to do things the "Wright" Way!
9 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Three students hold up Student of the Month certificates
One student holds up a Student of the Month
The Careers class at Ironwood is looking for 8-9 community volunteers who would be willing to come and talk about their chosen career. Mrs. Pope and Mr. Zysk are looking for a wide variety of careers to represent, from trades to business, as well as careers that are degree or non-degree. Retirees are welcome too! The time commitment is one time per quarter (every 9 weeks) for one class period. Come give the students an insider scoop into what you do! Contact Mrs. Pope at, or Mr. Zysk at if you would like more information.
9 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Poster that says "we need you".
Check out the amazing work by Anneka Anderson! Mr. Zysk commissioned Anneka to make a display case for all of the donation acknowledgements. Excellent work, Anneka!
9 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
A young woman shows off the wood creation she made for the weight room.
A young woman points upward to a board she created.
Thank you to Moxie Vinyl Creations for the donation to the Class of 2024!
10 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Thank you note
Thank you to the Wasley family, who made a donation to the weight room at Ironwood in honor of their son, Michael Wasley.
11 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Thank you note
The Ironwood Carnegie Library is looking for a responsible student to serve on its Library Board of Trustees as a non-voting member. If you are 12-18 years of age, a resident of the library service area or a library card holder, and you are interested, please submit a letter of interest by Friday, December 8. The position will start in January of 2024. Contact with questions.
11 days ago, Sheri Schmidt
Information about needing a student to be a board member at the library