The mobile dentist called, and has canceled the visit to Ironwood for Wednesday, May 3. There will be no makeup date. Please contact the school if you have any questions.
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Happy National School Principal's Day! Give Mrs. Nigh a big thank you when we return to school tomorrow. She helps make Ironwood Schools a great place to be!
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
A poster that says "Happy School Principal's Day!"
The elementary students have been working hard to prepare a concert! Please join us to hear some great music!
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
A poster stating the dates of the concerts
Mr. Doug Foley came to teach the 4th grade about trees. They learned about tree products, they sang a song about trees, and they received a tree to plant.
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Students sit on the floor to listen to a discussion about trees.
Mr. Foley talks to the 4th grade students about trees
Ms. Winn's English 11 students helped 6th graders revise their research projects this week. Thanks to Mr. Bunt, Mr. Hofstede, and Ms. Samardich for the wonderful opportunity! Everyone learned something and it was fun to see students from different grade levels collaborating.
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Several high schoolers working with the 6th graders
A high school student helps out a 6th grader
A high school student helps out a 6th grader
Students in the study hall classroom
A high school student shows another student some ideas on the chromebook
Looking into a class of students
A high school student assists a 6th grade student
We were excited to have Serena Mershon-Lohkamp, chemistry teacher from GCC, and Rayona Suelflow, GCC student and 2nd grade parent join Mrs. McRae’s classroom Friday afternoon! The students were able to do three science activities. They learned about chromatography while making coffee filter flowers. Then, they learned about cells and were able to view samples under a microscope. Last, the students learned about the science of making ice cream. While the salt made the ice melt, their ice cream ingredients began to freeze! Thank you for spending your afternoon with us!
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Students listen as an adult explains the coffee filter experiment
An adult stands at the front of the classroom with students
Two students show their colorful coffee filter
Students are shown what to do with the ziploc bag
Students shake the bags
A student takes a bite of ice cream
Several students test the ice cream
On Friday, April 28, the 4th grade students went to the J.W. Nursery. They took a tour learning how the trees are grown, harvested, and transported to different national forests all over the United States. They came away with a seedling and a pass to go to any national forest for free or at a reduced price!
7 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
The students listen to an instructor outside
The instructor walks them through the storage area
Looking down into a barrel of seeds
A student holds seeds in his hand from the barrel
A student leans over the barrel of seeds
The students in the planting area
A student looks back over his shoulder with plants to the front of him
A student looks back over his shoulder
Students in the planting area
Today's Middle School Band Concert is cancelled due to inclement weather. Also, this is a reminder that there will be no school in Ironwood on Monday. Stay safe!
7 months ago, Travis Powell
Event Cancelled
Due to Weather
Claire Eitrem earned "Teacher Chair for the Day" through the PTO fundraiser. She had fun sitting in Mrs. Wolfe's chair for the day!
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
A student sits in the teacher chair for the day.
Mrs. Wolfe did a lesson on "How to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud..." The kids had a rainbow template with the color words inside and used the torn paper method to create their rainbows. We completed the writing portion of the assignment just prior to the Packers assembly. Many of the kids connected what the team's message was to what THEY HAD JUST DONE!
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Rainbow pictures above the lockers at school
Rainbow pictures with butterflies
Here is a video showcasing our library spaces, the need for improvements, and possible plans for upgrades. Please contact with any questions.
8 months ago, Travis Powell
Here is a video discussing plans for reclaiming interior space within Luther L. Wright as a part of the renovations intended for the 2023 Bond. Please contact with any questions.
8 months ago, Travis Powell
Congratulations to the students who were awarded "Student of the Month" at the school board meeting! In the back row - Evariah Niemi, Maleah Maki, and Cambree Ramme; front row - Carina Alonen and Grace Tuzee. Thank you for showing Respect, Safety, Integrity, and Excellence!
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
A picture of 5 students of the month
Being a bus driver can be challenging at times. We are lucky to have some of the best bus drivers around! Thank you, bus drivers, for taking care of our students!
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Poster that says Happy National School Bus Driver Day
Attention senior parents! We are looking for group photos of seniors - anytime from Kindergarten to Senior year! Please get them to Haley Agee or Emily Martinson. Contact the office at 906-932-0932 if you have questions.
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Poster asking parents to send in any group photos
Parents and Guardians of Ironwood students: we want to hear from you! You will be receiving an email with a link to a short survey. If you have students in both the K-6 and the 7-12, you will receive two surveys. We use the information from the surveys to determine where we have made progress, and where we need to improve. Your feedback is very important! If you do not receive the survey in your email, please check your spam, or call the office at 906-932-0932 to make sure we have your most up-to-date information. Thank you for your time!
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
A poster asking for your feedback
What an exciting time to be at Ironwood! Check out this news story:
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Cody Dabb Just finished this beautiful wood stove for his advanced metal fabrication course. Excellent work Cody!
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Cody Dabb shows off his wood stove.
A recent change to the April 25 event: Family Fun Night will take place at the Ironwood Memorial Building. Same time and activities. See you there!
8 months ago, Sheri Schmidt
Poster for Family Fun Night
Back, by popular demand! Join us for a tour of LLW featuring areas for potential upgrades, followed by a presentation on the bond proposal. The tour will begin at 5:30 at the Pabst Street Door. Presentation will be at approximately 6:15 in Room 232.
8 months ago, Travis Powell
Bond Tour Presentation