Does your Ironwood student need academic or behavior help?

Mrs. Schmidt is working through the Section 23g MI Kids Back on Track grant to get help for students where needed. Please call her at 906-932-0932, extension 233, or email for assistance.

What is MTSS?

MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered System of Supports, which is an educational framework designed to provide targeted interventions and support to students at varying levels of need within a school or district. It operates on the principle of a tiered support system, with interventions increasing in intensity and specificity as students' needs become more significant.

Here's a brief description of how MTSS typically operates:

  1. Tiered Structure: MTSS consists of multiple tiers or levels of support. Tier 1 includes universal interventions provided to all students, such as high-quality classroom instruction. Tier 2 involves targeted interventions for students who require additional support beyond what is provided in the general classroom setting. Tier 3 provides intensive, individualized interventions for students with the most significant needs.

  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: MTSS relies on ongoing assessment and data collection to identify students who may need additional support and to monitor their progress over time. This data helps educators make informed decisions about the type and intensity of interventions required for each student.

  3. Collaborative Problem-Solving: MTSS emphasizes collaboration among educators, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders to identify students' needs, develop intervention plans, and monitor progress. This collaborative approach ensures that interventions are coordinated and comprehensive.

  4. Evidence-Based Practices: Interventions implemented within an MTSS framework are based on evidence-based practices that have been shown to be effective in supporting students' academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs.

  5. Continuous Improvement: MTSS is a dynamic process that requires continuous monitoring and adjustment based on students' progress and needs. Educators regularly review data, assess the effectiveness of interventions, and make necessary modifications to ensure that all students are making progress toward their goals.

Overall, MTSS is designed to promote early intervention, prevent academic and behavioral problems, and ensure that all students have access to the support they need to succeed in school.

How does MTSS work at Ironwood?

Ironwood uses an RTI system to help students who need support. RTI stands for Response To Intervention - in other words, what we do to help students improve. Our K-6 teachers have created a way to move students into smaller groups in order to get more targeted support. The 7-12 teachers have a dedicated RTI time, which is called Seminar. Seminar currently runs opposite of lunch. Students move into and out of support RTIs as needed. This flexible time allows for students to get help in multiple areas.

Our RTI system is working closely with our Professional Learning Community training.